Live Music For Yoga 

 Prashant's new 2018 Albums



Bringing a touch of intuitive live guitar and bamboo flute music and other instruments to your yoga class/ event or gathering.

Prashant plays solo guitar and flute as well as does simple live looping which enables him to play and change or expand on guitar and flute melodies simultaneously. He intuits the melodies and rhythms so the music is in harmony with the yoga asanas or the mood of the event. He draws on his vast repertoire and experience in the music of the world and in original compositions and improvisations.

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"Oscillating Memories of Stars"

Sound Designer, Patrick Pennefather  Ph.D. (soundscape) in sonic conversation with Prashant Michael John (bamboo flute). This sound recording is part of the Sound Sadhana Project directed/ instigated by Sheinagh Anderson.

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