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Prashant brings a lifetime of experience with music, mantra and sound to his dynamic workshops. Besides exploring the time-tested tradition of Mantra, you will be guided to creatively harness the power of deep listening to penetrate mantra & sound practise. We will acquire fresh insights to awaken new pathways to healing by deepening our experience of silence, stillness and sound and mantric vibration as a living energy. Prashant’s workshops are enriched with inspiring live music and sounding and anecdotes of his firsthand experiences with mantra and sound.

Mantra Japa begins in a focused repetition but passes into a form of meditation unfolding deeper layers of consciousness.

The mind is restless to  reach it’s pure state


In The Workshops:

We will systematically explore and penetrate the four Koshas (sheaths or levels) of Mantra - from the gross to the subtlest.

We will learn how to apply traditional knowledge and usage of mantra to our current individual state  to enter deeper states of meditation.

We will explore our relationship with sound, creatively and experientially.
With this clearer understanding and experience of mantric vibration, we will have the confidence to choose a personal Mantra and use it skillfully to improve all aspects of our lives.

The mind is restless to  reach it’s pure state.

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