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Deep Listening : concert & workshop
September 29th. 7-9pm. YogaMCC
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In this experiential concert & workshop we will explore deep listening as it relates to music & sound, mantra & kirtan practice.

We will employ practical techniques for deep listening that enhances our awareness,  lives and practice in any field of our daily lives.

We will explore:

. aids/techniques for deep listening 

. toning and vocal warmups. 

. sounding 

. brief overview and practice of four stages of mantra & sound practice 

. kirtan - opening the voice and heart

These practices expand our awareness opening the wellspring of love and compassion within all  - enhancing healing on all levels - physical, mental and psychological.


Prashant brings a lifetime of experience with music, mantra and sound to his dynamic workshops. Besides exploring the time-tested tradition of mantra & kirtan, you will be guided to creatively harness the power of deep listening to penetrate mantra & sound practice. We will acquire fresh insights to awaken new pathways to healing by deepening our experience of silence, music, sound and mantra. Prashant’s workshops are enriched with inspiring live music and sounding and anecdotes of his firsthand experiences with mantra and sound.

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